After Effects CC 2013 Essential Training

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    千亿体育app Delve into the world of motion graphics, keying, and compositing in After Effects CC. In this course, Ian Robinson lays out six foundations for becoming proficient with After Effects, including concepts such as layers, keyframe animation, and working with 3D. To help you get up and running with the program, the course begins with a project-based chapter on creating an animated graphic bumper. Next, explore the role layers play in compositions and find out how to add style to your projects using effects and graphic elements. Last, see how to build 3D objects with CINEMA 4D Lite, as well as stabilize footage, solve for 3D cameras, and paint in graphics with the Reverse Stabilization feature.


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      Ian Robinson

      • Ian Robinson is a motion graphics designer and educator who works with Discovery and National Geographic.

        Ian also an instructor, photographer, and co-owner of SoftBox Media LLC. He has worked with Discovery Communications, National Geographic International, and various production and post-production facilities. Though he specializes in broadcast, Ian is truly a format agnostic, with an extensive portfolio covering print, HD, DVD, and podcasting. He uses whichever medium most effectively delivers the message his client wants to convey. Teaching is also an important aspect of Ian's work, and he believes that one has only truly learned one's craft after teaching it.

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    Hi, I'm Ian Robinson and welcome to After Effects Essential Training. In this course, we'll work on building a strong base of knowledge by covering the six foundations of after effects. Then, we'll start a project based chapter focused on getting you up and running quickly by creating an animated graphic bumper. To gain deeper understanding of compositions, we'll focus on how they work hand in hand with layers to create animation. Then, it's on to animating with keyframes, how to get started with parenting layers, and we'll even cover a few expressions. From there, we move to learn how to add style to your projects with coloring effects, and animated graphic elements. We'll move to the next dimension and create true 3D elements with CINEMA 4D light. And, finally, we'll round out our coverage by learning how to stabilize footage, track footage, solve for 3D cameras, and how to properly use reverse stabilization when you need to paint animated graphics into your projects with Warp…

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