Corporate Finance: Robust Financial Modeling

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    千亿体育app Creating a sound financial model can empower businesspeople and organizations to make informed decisions on a quantitative level. Learn how to design a financial model and find out how it can benefit your business. Discover ways to plan for the unknown. Instructor Joshua Richin teaches the tools you’ll need, covering the importance of soft skills and how financial modeling can empower thought leaders. Once the model is created, learn how to present it to stakeholders and how to demonstrate flexibility through scenario analysis.


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      Joshua Rischin

      Director at Axium 千亿体育app Pty Limited / LinkedIn Learning Author

      • Joshua Rischin is company director of Axium 千亿体育app, a management consulting firm.

        Joshua has worked in the professional services industry for more than 10 years and has delivered quality outcomes to over 20 organizations in both private and public sectors. He undertakes his work with a high degree of professionalism, using an outcomes-based approach to meeting client deliverables. At Axium, Joshua provides tailored, practical, and sustainable solutions to current and emerging business challenges.

        Joshua is a member of the Australian Institute of 千亿体育app Directors (MAICD) and is also a senior member of the Australian Computer Society (MACS Snr).

        He has attained a PMBOK Foundation accreditation, and holds a Negative Vetting Level 1 Australian government security clearance.

        In 2001 Joshua completed the bachelor of commerce and bachelor of economics undergraduate qualifications at Monash University in Melbourne.

        When Joshua isn't busy delivering quality outcomes to his clients, he enjoys spending time with his family, bike riding, playing guitar, and listening to music (anything pre-2008).

    Skills covered in this course

  • Robust financial modeling

    千亿体育app - There's a decision coming up and it's a big one. But how will your organization choose the right one to make? Well look, I won't leave you hanging any longer. The answer is financial modeling. Financial modeling, in a very basic sense, is about collecting and organizing good data to help you predict the future, or at least make a pretty good estimate. Of course, you need to make sure the data sources are highly credible. You also need to make sure your model has robust calculations. You need to be able to write up reports of your outputs and you also need to be able to translate everything for management and decision makers. Now look, this may seem like a lot, but don't worry. We'll cover all of that in this course. By the way, I'm Josh Rischin, and I've been helping people make critical business decisions for over 15 years now, and I actually love building financial models and seeing the positive impact that…

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