DevOps Foundations: Monitoring and Observability

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    千亿体育app Monitoring is a key practice area of modern operations. In this course, explore techniques and tools for monitoring from a DevOps mindset. Instructors Ernest Mueller and Peco Karayanev spell out what monitoring is, what's unique about the DevOps approach to monitoring, and how to model your system so monitoring makes sense in context. Next, they examine the different types of monitoring instrumentation, including how to implement synthetic monitoring, end user monitoring, system monitoring, and network monitoring. They also cover best practices for architecting systems for observability and share how to overcome common obstacles.


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      Peco Karayanev

      • Peco Karayanev is an experienced product manager with a passion for performance engineering.

        Peco came to Texas from Bulgaria in 1997. In December of 2002, he graduated from Texas Tech with bachelor of business administration degrees in both management information systems (MIS) and marketing. He joined the web systems team at National Instruments immediately thereafter, and has been instrumental in developing various forms of systems automation. In 2010, he moved into the R&D division, where he developed a control and provisioning framework, PIE, for several new cloud-based SaaS products. Peco is also an APM domain expert. In 2012, Peco left National Instruments for OPNET to become a sales engineer for the Texas region. OPNET is now part of Riverbed, a company that helps organizations maximize digital performance across their business. Peco currently works as the director of product management at Riverbed.

        Peco lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Bea.
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      Ernest Mueller

      Head of Engineering at Precision Autonomy

      • Ernest Mueller is head of engineering operations at Precision Autonomy.

        Ernest has a degree in electrical engineering from Rice University. Upon graduation, he went moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where he learned Unix system administration and web programming at FedEx and led the technology team at a print and internet publisher, Towery Publishing.

        In 2002, Ernest moved back to his home state of Texas to take a job managing the web systems team at National Instruments, focusing his team on high uptime, continuous operations, application performance management, system development process, and web security. In 2008, he moved into the LabVIEW R&D group, where he was the web systems architect responsible for delivering Amazon Web 千亿体育app and Azure-based SaaS products with an integrated DevOps team.

        In 2012, he moved to SaaS provider Bazaarvoice to be the manager of release engineering and migrated product delivery from a ten-week release cycle to a one-week release cycle. Then he led the 40-person product ratings and reviews engineering team, a very large-scale web property managing reviews for many of the major retailers and manufacturers on the web.

        In 2014, Ernest became the APM product manager at CopperEgg, an Austin-based SaaS monitoring company, which was acquired by Idera. He served as APM product manager for the Idera CopperEgg, Uptime, and Precise product lines.

        In 2015, Ernest moved to AlienVault, a cybersecurity software company, where as Director of Engineering Operations his international team of DevOps pros supported the development teams with tooling and techniques to create infrastructure as code, continuous delivery, and monitoring to deliver SaaS security products for unified security management and threat intelligence. In 2018, AlienVault was acquired by AT&T as part of the company's cybersecurity strategy and became AT&T Cybersecurity. Currently, Ernest plans, develops, and maintains the systems infrastructure for Precision Autonomy, a startup providing API-driven risk management and insurance solutions for drones and other autonomous vehicles.

        Ernest is active in the DevOps movement and the Austin technical community. He helped found the Austin chapter of OWASP, the CloudAustin user group, and the DevOpsDays Austin conference. He blogs with a cadre of like-thinking professionals at

        Ernest resides with his son in Round Rock, Texas.

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    - DevOps is about developers and operations collaborating to deliver software at high speed to your users, and often that means being woken up in the middle of the night to address production issues. - Monitoring's how we know our services are working and what's wrong with them when they're not. - Howdy, I'm Earnest Mueller. - And I'm Peco Karayanev. Welcome to our course on monitoring and observability. - Peco and I first met while implementing DevOps at a large enterprise. We blog together at the You may have seen me with different Agile admins in other DevOps courses here in the library. This time Peco joins me to bring his monitoring expertise and killer Bulgarian proverbs. - I'm a product manager at Riverbed and a performance engineer at heart. Riverbed is a digital performance company. - And I'm the director of engineering operations at AlienVault, a maker of computer security solutions for organizations of all sizes. - In this course we'll explore monitoring the…

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