Enscape: Residential Visualization

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    Enscape is an essential tool for collaboration and review in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) world. It enables real-time rendering with popular BIM software such as Revit, SketchUp, and ARCHICAD. With Enscape, you can produce many different iterations of your designs, quickly, and even create professional-looking videos that allow clients to experience their designs in motion. In this course, Brian Myers shows how to set up Enscape for rendering residential projects in Revit. Learn how to create scenes, render still images and video, and adjust your settings for the best quality and fastest results. Plus, find out how to explore different layouts for the interior of a space using design options.


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      Brian Myers

      Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) / BIM Leadership

      • Brian Myers is the virtual design and construction (VDC) design office lead for Jacobs in St. Louis, MO.

        In his current role, Brian leads BIM management for all disciplines including architects, interior designers, MEP engineers, structural engineers, and bridge and infrastructure designers. Projects range from federal and military work to laboratory spaces.

        Prior to his time with Jacobs, he served as BIM manager for Alberici, a large general contractor in St. Louis. Additionally, he served as MEP technology director for Leidos, managing BIM processes in multiple design offices across the United States.

        Brian also owns and moderates the largest Revit and BIM group on LinkedIn, Revit Users, which has 100,000 members.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Create and render residential projects in real-time with Enscape

    - [Brian Myers] Creating residential renderings quickly may it be already developed designs or designs with dozens of options, can be an impossible task to do. With a lot of frustration as you attempt to generate renderings before a client meeting or a project deadline. Having Revit create renderings at the speed a client or designer thinks really can't be done. Enscape is a great and affordable solution for those problems. From fast renderings to walking through the rendered environment, Enscape gives you the tools that you need to communicate your designs in an easy to understand interface. I'm Brian Myers. I'm a former residential designer that has been using Enscape for several years, and Revit for 13 years. Enscape is currently one of your best options for quick, client-ready renderings. With just a limited learning curve. I highly recommend using it in your own firm, for school presentations or for any…

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