Flutter: Part 01 Introduction

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    With all the different screen sizes and resolutions available, it's difficult to build an app that works well on all devices. With Flutter, you can design beautiful, compatible apps with minimal effort. This course introduces developers to the benefits and basic anatomy of Flutter, so you can leverage this cross-platform mobile development framework to create your own elegant, natively compiled apps. Discover how to install the Flutter SDK and the tools you’ll need to develop and test Android and iOS apps—on Mac and Windows. Instructor Angela Yu also explains how to configure Android Studio to work seamlessly with Flutter.

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      Angela Yu

      Founder & CTO | NHS Doctor | International Speaker | Teaching 250,000 students how to code

      • Angela Yu is a medical doctor, iOS developer, and founder of the London App Brewery. A practicing doctor at the National Health Service, Angela also has found the time to teach over 250,000 students how to code. It is her mission at the London App Brewery to change lives by transforming students into developers. Companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google have invited Angela to teach their employees, and she has reached hundreds of thousands more through her online classes. In addition, Angela is an international public speaker specializing in topics including female entrepreneurship, innovation policy, and the future of medical technology.
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      London App Brewery

      • London App Brewery is an app development bootcamp, offering in-person and online programming courses. The London App Brewery makes learning to program fun and accessible. The instructors design courses that teach programming through doing. This is why London App Brewery is the fastest way to learn to code and make native iOS and Android apps. Through a unique hands-on approach, students learn the structure of a mobile app and its components, key programming design patterns, and debugging techniques so that they can easily expand on their knowledge and start working on own apps with confidence. Learn more at www.appbrewery.co.

    Skills covered in this course

  • What is Flutter?

    - [Instructor] All right, so the first thing that I want to talk about is, what exactly is Flutter? And to be able to answer this question, we first have to put ourselves into the mind of a mobile app developer, so here's one. This is Bob, and he's an iOS developer. Now, Bob made this really cool app where instead of matching with other people, you get to match with foods, and you get to figure out what food you most want to eat. And it's a super popular app, everybody loves it, but there's just one problem, it's only on iOS, so every other day he gets a question of, when's it coming to Android? When is it coming to Android? When is it coming to Android? And at some point, he finally has had enough and he decides to go and buy loads and loads of books, study Java, study Android development, and finally he's able to have both of these buttons on his website. Get It On Google Play, and Download on the App Store. So, he now has the same app on the Google Play and the App Store. Now, this…

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