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    Pitching is a universal skill. The time will come when you need to pitch an idea, a project, or even yourself. But you may stumble when the moment strikes—if you don't have a quick and effective process to nail the pitch. In this free course, thought leader Jodi Glickman shares her go-to approach for selling your ideas, your story, and yourself. Learn three easy steps to a successful pitch: destination, backstory, and connecting the dots.


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      Jodi Glickman

      Keynote Speaker, Founder & CEO, TED talk'r, Entrepreneur, Communication and Career Expert

      • As the CEO and founder of, Jodi Glickman is passionate about developing leaders.

        She has trained tens of thousands of the brightest minds by creating a groundbreaking curriculum that delivers practical, tactical communication skills and strategies for professionals to influence, advance, and lead in the twenty-first-century workplace. Jodi is the author of the critically acclaimed book , a writer for the Harvard Business Review, and a TEDx speaker ("Why You Should Stop Looking for Work You Love"). She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her family.

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    千亿体育app (peppy music) - [Woman] I'm going to barge in on you. - Hello. - [Crew Member] Two, marker (clapperboard clacking) - Think about the last time someone said to you, "Tell me about yourself." Did you have a good answer for them? Like a really good answer. It's such a seemingly benign question and yet it's so loaded. How do you make a great first impression? When someone says tell me about yourself and you think "Okay I'll start at the very beginning, "let me walk you through my long and impressive resume." No one wants to hear about your resume and no one has time for a long monologue about who you are and where you've been. The answer to the question "Tell me about yourself" is the strategy I'm going to teach you today. Which is all about leading with your destination and where you're going next with your career.

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