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    Pix4D is a leader in small unmanned aerial system (sUAS or "drone") photogrammetry, building software that enables users to analyze complex image data and create orthomosaics and 3D models, all from photographs. With a drone, a camera, and the powerful processing engine in Pix4D, the science of photogrammetry is accessible to just about anyone. In this course, you can learn the basics of using Pix4D. Instructor Paul Tice explains how Pix4D pairs with different drones and cameras, and then shows how to program simple 2D missions for your drone with Pix4Dcapture. He then shows how to prepare for flight and retrieve the data and imagery once your drone has landed. In the last few chapters, Paul dives into Pix4D Desktop, where he shows how to process your data and produce outputs such as point clouds, 3D maps, and models. Plus, learn how to deal with large projects and turn the power of Pix4D onto architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) data, such as 3D building scans.


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      Paul Tice

      CEO | Reality Capture Consultant | LinkedIn Learning Author

      • Paul Tice has over 20 years of experience leading teams on survey, CAD, GIS, and 3D scanning projects.

        After he finished college, Paul Tice worked with CAD and design software in the cartography industry for several years. Having a strong interest in visual communication, he took on a second career as a professional portraiture artist and graphic designer. In 2011, he led his team to win the Bentley Systems Be Inspired award for their work with point cloud data as an innovation for multimedia. In 2013, Paul started his own 3D reality capture firm, expanding his work with 3D technologies. Since then, he has been teaching workshops abroad to universities, nonprofits, and professionals. Paul continually tests the latest in hardware and software used in the 3D industry, and writes about his findings in LiDAR News, LiDAR Magazine, and SPAR 3D online publications. As for his art, he continues to practice and exhibits in Oregon galleries.

    Skills covered in this course

  • Drone mapping

    - [Paul] Drones seem like fun toys to some, but did you know that you can build a robust business around this technology? In fact, drone work is a significant part of my business and keeps my employees employed full time with no end in sight to clients requesting this service. It's one thing to fly a drone around, but it's entirely another thing to be able to produce something that brings so much value and is so specialized that a successful business can be built around it. I'm talking about drone mapping, and in this course, you will learn the fundamentals of using one of the most powerful drone mapping software platforms in the world, Pix4D. Pix4D is a powerful photogrammetry software. It's tool set allows for mapping projects from built objects to agriculture and terrain, and it can process thousands of images into usable and measurable 3D models for a wide variety of industries. In my LinkedIn Learning course, I dive into the Pix4D tools that will bring the power of Pix4D to life,…

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