Practical UX Weekly: Season One

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    Ever wondered how other UX designers troubleshoot problems and juggle conflicting priorities? In this series, Drew Bridewell—a lead user experience designer at LinkedIn—shares his hard-earned knowledge about how to apply basic UX design principles to real-world projects. Drew discusses his daily workflow, shares tips and tricks for presenting your work and collaborating with others, and walks you through a day in the life of a product designer. Tune in and start looking at your own design projects in a new light.

    To continue the conversation with Drew and other user experience professionals, join Drew's Practical UX: Lessons from the Trenches LinkedIn group.

    Make sure to check out the 2019 version of Practical UX Weekly for more tips and tricks.


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      Drew Bridewell

      Product Design, Focused on career growth and content generating products, UX Coach

      • Drew Bridewell is a lifelong learner who speaks and practices product design on a daily basis.

        Drew collaborates, consults, and shares insights with designers across the world who are looking for best practices around tools, collaboration, and building design systems. He currently works at Facebook. He's passionate about elevating the value of design and sharing best practices to make every team function smarter, faster, and better. His goal is to empower designers from across the world to build better digital experiences with a progressive, iterative, and collaborative mindset.

        Previously, Drew helped found the first ever design transformation team at InVision as a senior design specialist, where he consulted with over 200 companies on design practices. Before InVision, Drew held a design manager and lead designer role at LinkedIn. He pioneered the responsive redesign of

        His philosophy is to infuse passion and purpose into all elements of his life. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he earned a BFA in graphic design and played four years of college baseball.

        If you want to connect with Drew and the community of other practicing UX professionals, check out his Practical UX Weekly Group.

        You can also connect with him on , , and LinkedIn @abridewell.

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    千亿体育app - Have you ever wondered what other UX designers typically work on? Or been curious about how they approach solving problems and working with others? My name's Drew Bridewell. I'm a Lead User Experience Designer at LinkedIn. The goal of this series is to share the lessons I've learned working deep into the product trenches, both the good and the bad, the successes and the headaches. I'll be focusing less on teaching the basic principles of UX and much more on how those principles get applied when you're working on real projects. We'll walk through day in the life of a product designer and the kinds of tasks they typically work on. I'll talk about my daily workflow and share tips and tricks on working with other stakeholders and presenting your work and I'm also excited to share some of my current projects with you and how our team has executed them in the face of multiple, sometimes conflicting priorities. So join me each week as I share practical lessons from the UX trenches.

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