Universal Principles of Design

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    Design is full of unspoken rules and obscure theories that, when applied, can dramatically improve one's own design. For the first time, we are documenting them all in one place. Universal Principles of Design, based on William Lidwell's award-wining books, illustrates one design principle, ranging from the tried and true (the 80/20 rule) to concepts that you may not have ever heard in a design context (Ockham's razor or crowd intelligence.) These principles are critical to successful design—no matter what the discipline. Anyone who creates, designs, engineers, or illustrates will learn invaluable lessons that can take their work to the next level.


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      Jill Butler

      Designer. Typophile. Papyrophile. Food Truck Owner.

      • Jill Butler is founder and president of Stuff Creators Design, an interaction design consultancy.

        She has held teaching positions at the University of Houston, Lone Star College – Kingwood (formerly Kingwood Community College), and the Texas Printing Education Foundation, where she taught courses in graphic design and graphic technology. Jill is author of Universal Principles of Design, a best-selling design book translated into more than twenty languages, and has designed the covers, layouts, and typography for more than a hundred published novels and children's books. And for fun, Jill is owner of Monster PBJ, a Houston-based food truck serving gourmet peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches.
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      William Lidwell

      Author of Universal Principles of Design | Lectures on LinkedIn and Great Courses | ex Academic | ex Founder | ex CTO

      • Professor William Lidwell lectures at Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston.

        He also serves as director of innovation and development at the Stuff Creators Design Studio in Houston, Texas. He earned his BA in psychology from Texas State University and his MS in interaction and instructional design from the University of Houston–Clear Lake.

        A designer, teacher, and author, Professor Lidwell has over 20 years of experience working in product design and user interaction. He frequently consults on matters of design and consumer experience with leading firms, including Harrah's, IKEA, Merrill Lynch, and Procter & Gamble. He also founded and has supported numerous startup companies, ranging from online learning environments to heirloom furniture design stores to food trucks.

        Professor Lidwell is the author of the best-selling design guide Universal Principles of Design, which has been translated into more than 20 languages. He has written and edited other works, including Deconstructing Product Design, the "Makeshift" column for MAKE magazine, and Guidelines for Excellence in Management: The Manager's Digest.

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    - [Male Instructor] Hi, I'm William Lidwell. - [Female Instructor] And I'm Jill Butler, authors of Universal Principles of Design, and in this weekly series based on our book we're going to learn about principles of design that will help you improve usability with principles like desire lines and forgiveness. - [William] Influence perception and opinion with principles like figure ground and top down lighting bias. - [Jill] Increase appeal with principles like red effects and supernormal stimuli. - [William] And make better design decisions with principles like feature creep and flexibility trade offs. We'll be discussing a new principle every week to help expand your design knowledge. I hope you enjoy the content. Let's get started.

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