UX Research Methods: Interviewing

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    By taking the time to understand the needs and motivations of your users, you can develop better products that actually resonate with your target audience. In this course, learn the fundamentals of a core UX research method—interviewing—that can help you better understand the needs of your users.

    千亿体育app Amanda Stockwell explains what UX interviewing is, when UX professionals use interviews, and what kind of information you'll gather. She also takes you through how to prepare for interviews, moderate your sessions, and analyze your data. After you wrap up this course, you'll be prepared to conduct UX interviews on your own.


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      Amanda Stockwell

      UX Research | UX Strategy | Teaching

      • Amanda Stockwell is president of Stockwell Strategy, a UX research practice focused on lean research methods.

        Amanda also focuses on integrating user knowledge with business goals to create holistic product strategies for businesses large and small. She has focused most of the last decade on finding innovative ways to understand end users and embed that knowledge into an overall process. She has led teams that provide research, design, and UX strategy services, and frequently writes and speaks about her experiences. She has a human factors background and an engineering degree from Tufts University. Follow Amanda on Twitter

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    千亿体育app - Interviews are one of many UX Research methods, and are used to gather general information about users and their needs, goals, motivations, or impressions of a product. Interviews are frequently used at the beginning stages of a new product or during the beginning of a redesign period. Hi, I'm Amanda Stockwell. Welcome to this course on interviewing users. In this course, I'll introduce the uses and benefits of conducting interviews, provide an overview of how to prepare, give tips for effectively moderating your sessions, and lastly, discuss how to analyze your data. This course is for anyone with a basic understanding of user experience who's interested in conducting interviews on their own. Let's take a look.

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