Windows Server 2019: Install and Configure Active Directory

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    千亿体育app Identity management is a critical part of managing an enterprise network. Active Directory is the foundation for user administration, group policy, and security in a Windows Server environment. This course shows how to install and configure Active Directory Domain 千亿体育app (AD DS) in Windows Server 2019. Learn how to deploy AD DS, install additional controllers, configure permissions, and manage AD objects, including user and computer accounts, groups, and organization units. Microsoft Certified Trainer Ed Liberman shows how to perform these basic administration tasks using AD Admin Center and the command line, so you will be well versed in the tools that Windows Server administrators use most.


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      Ed Liberman

      Technical Author at LinkedIn

      • Consultant and trainer Ed Liberman has helped thousands of people start careers in IT.

        Ed Liberman has worked in technology for over 20 years. He has been certified and instructing IT since 1998. He has helped thousands of people to get started or advance their careers in the IT industry. When he is not in the classroom, he is out helping corporations with their network infrastructure as an independent consultant. Ed will get you ready to pass your exams while you develop the skills needed to succeed in the "real world." His teaching style encourages you to have fun while you learn. Ed also volunteers his time in his local community as a math tutor for struggling grade school children.

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  • Active Directory in Windows Server 2019

    - [Ed] Active Directory has been a major part of Windows Server operating systems since Windows 2000 Server and continues to be used today. To be a successful network administrator who manages a Microsoft network environment, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of identity management. How do you get that? Through Active Directory Domain 千亿体育app, and that's exactly what we'll be learning about in this course. I'll start things off by showing you how to deploy ADDS, and then we'll go over some Active Directory administration, and finally, we'll wrap things up by talking about how to manage individual active directory objects. So let me quickly introduce myself. I'm Ed Liberman. I'm a Microsoft certified trainer, and I have a question for you. Are you excited about Active Directory yet? Well, I know I am, so let's get started.

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